SEO and Web Analytics Professional, Speaker, Teacher and I also like doing Data Visualization.


Histoire De Data

My most recent blog about data visualization and storytelling. I like to share what I learn for this topic, including pro experiments, data viz principles and also ugly charts I try to rework.

DoYouSEO Association

In 2011, I founded the French SEO Association of North America based in Montreal. By doing regular Search Workshops, the goal is to encourage global learning. Attendees chose the topic then 2 speakers share a good use case about it. I don't belong to the association anymore but it was a great enriching project to create from scratch.


Internet things I save for later or just because it's a great resource. I use the very simple but efficient Shaarli and you can subscribe by RSS.

Ramenos Blog

My first semi-pro blog I created in 2005, focused on SEO, Search Engines, Geek Stuff and also some major changes I saw happening on Internet back then. I wrote about different things on this blog, most of these topics are obsolete Today but I want to keep it live. Now, I'm using it more as a personal blog.


The WPFR is a French based Association that promotes the well known Wordpress CMS. I had the opportunity to be one of the co-founder of this great project. The goal was to establish a solid French community around Wordpress in France. I did participate to events organization and I had the chance to publish articles related on SEO with Wordpress.