SEO and Web Analytics Professional, Speaker, Teacher and I also like doing Data Visualization.

Meet Arnaud Mangasaryan

Hey, I’m Arnaud Mangasaryan. Currently based in Boston, I am a SEO, Web Analytics professional but also a speaker, teacher and DataViz-Storytelling lover. I currently work as a Senior SEO Manager at Intrepid Digital. I was born and raised in France.

In 2010, I left Europe to start a new life in Canada. In 2011, I founded the 1st French SEO Association based in North America.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to move to the US East Coast and start a new life experience in Boston.

Skills in details

I started working in SEO in 2005 when I was still studying my Master’s Degree in Paris. I quickly realized everyone around me was using search engine for a lot of purposes. From there, whenever I was working for an online project, I had the following sentence in mind: what’s the point of having a beautiful website if nobody can find it?

From there, I decided to specialize myself in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To bring more precision, I can help you for the following:

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You may discover and learn new stuff via pages I put on my bookmarks (Shaarli)

My email: pourri+contact[at]ramenos[dot]net