SEO and Web Analytics Professional, Speaker, Teacher and I also like doing Data Visualization.


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For more than 5 years, I was working as a SEO Manager at Vistaprint in Boston. I was developing and implementing Technical SEO Strategies and doing Performance Measurement for the SEO Channel at Vistaprint, an eCommerce company that sells custom products internationally for small business owners.

Before that, I was serving as a SEO Strategist at SSENSE.

Download my resume to get a full overview of my professional path.

Speaking and Interviews

The power of the log and crawl analysis - eTail Boston

Explain the concept of log analysis and share different benefits and SEO use cases to illustrate the topic.

Build an SEO strategy for intern. eCommerce websites - RDV ecommerce Montreal

Share my approach about how to tackle globally SEO for an international eCommerce websites, with examples, as always.

How to improve Search UX for your customers - DoYouSEO Camp Montréal

During this speech, I shared a whole cases I did for one of my previous eCommerce company to improve income from SEO channel.

How to prevent huge SEO disasters - Conférence Infopresse

Despite your skills to master technical and content research, the risk from your company to encounter a SEO disaster may happen: what you should avoid and how to do it.

What I like to do

Whenever I am not working on a SEO / Web Analytics / Dataviz projects, I try to spend time doing one of the following activity:


For some time, I had a wishlist only through a 3rd party tool. I decided to create a public landing page with my wishes. Many of my wants may be contradictory and for some of them, I feel slightly embarassed but guess what, I am also human.